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Working with Louise

Working with Louise is easy! There are several ways to take advantage of her expertise through self-healing programs, yoga and sound healing classes, and individual coaching.

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Guided Meditations to Restore Balance & Harmony

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Stress RX ~DO DO Rescue Remedy

If you are trapped in doing and doing you are in DO DO mode which is the number one cause of burnout. 

Louise's "Do-Do Rescue Remedy" gives you tangible solutions and strategies to help you balance doing and being through out your day.

On the spot help to flow through your day with the "Do-Be-Do-Be-Do" rhythm for a more balanced & joy-full life.

Over come your overwhelm NOW!

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Meet Louise Lavergne

Spiritual Teacher of Personal Growth and Empowerment.

As a JoyFull Living Coach she offers effective and transformative tools, guidance and inspiration to assist you in releasing the attachment to struggle, pain and suffering by getting to the root of your challenges.

Through her down-to-earth approach, she blends scientific and mystical elements to create a bridge that connects ancient wisdom and technology to the needs and lifestyles of the 21st Century. She empowers and inspires you to partner with yourself for success with personal and health goals, offering tools and strategies to live your best life NOW!

Louise also uses her clairvoyance as a bridge—helping individuals through grief, to heal from the loss of a loved one, as well as to resolve personal conflict on emotional and spiritual levels.

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