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Virtual Drop In Pass - Inspired Sound Healing Moon Meditations

Reset your mind to calm,Rejuvenate your nervous system,Embody the Light of your Spirit. Get 7-Day access to the curr...

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Inspired Sound Healing Moon Meditations

Reset your mind to calm, Rejuvenate your nervous system, Embody the Light of your Spirit. Monthly Full & ...

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Your Daily Spark of Inspiration Membership

A Spark of Inspiration to Support your Joy of BEING For your Body, Mind, Heart, & Soul Care What if it was...

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Success with Your Daily Practice Mini-Course

Daily spiritual practice is an essential piece of your Self Care. But we often get bogged down in the worry that we a...

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Self-Mastery and Empowerment Activation Program

The Best Way To Bridge the Gap between Your Dreams and Your Reality Is to Identify and Overcome What Keeps You Stuck ...

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Private Session with Louise

Louise is a modern-day mystic deeply connected to the vibration of the Divine.  She offers you unconditional, co...

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