Is your Fear of the unknown blocking the view of your Future?

Fear is a part of LIFE but it doesn't need to be the driver!

Be empowered to claim the driver's seat of your life.

The map is within you. This program offers you a simple step-by-step illuminated path to create the life you were born to live. Make time for you to recommit to your lo your life partner: YOU!  Reclaim your passion and purpose for your LIFE.

HERE is your invitation to get the support you need to become the healer of your life

Feeling lost, overwhelmed, out of balance, numb?
Feeling like there is never enough time, money or energy?
Louise will inspire you and give you a map to find your way back to your truth and your JOY of Being YOU.-Create a balanced,  joy-full, fulfilling life... 
With compassionate, Divine guidance she will give you the self-healing tools you need right now to navigate your journey to your authentic-self.
Her years of training and deep intuitive gift will help you uncover the answers deep in your soul. 

Support for sustainable transformation is just a click away.

Find your missing PEACE to upgrade your life-experience!


Working with Louise

There are several ways to take advantage of her expertise through self-healing programs, yoga and sound healing classes, and individual coaching.

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Guided Meditations

When you have moments of frustration and overwhelm, listen to this meditation when in your day you need to stop, breathe and connect with your higher self.

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Default to Calm

We are human BEINGS not human DOINGS. These days you are in Do-Do mode and it's leading to frustration, overwhelm and burnout.

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Empower yourself to become the healer of your LIFE.

Seeking a different path, searching for deeper meaning can be overwhelming.
Sometimes even lonely.
You know a truth is vibrating deep within. 
You just don't know how to access it. 
How can you live within your current reality while gently and consciously shifting into a new one? 

Warmth, openness, and compassion are what Louise brings to the conversation. She has the ability to tune in to your soul's deepest desire. Her words and her voice vibrate divine truth that touches your heart. You'll  feel safe, nurtured and heard.  With no judgement she meets you where you are.  Louise sees where you're out of alignment with your soul purpose and gives you tangible tools to find your way to a  more balanced and inspired LIFE.


find out more about Louise

Connect with your joy.

Louise is the owner and CEO of Joy-Full Yoga Wellness Centre, located in Jacksonville, Oregon

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