Awareness is your Doorway to a Transformative New Year

Uncategorized Dec 17, 2017

Awareness is your Doorway to a Transformative New Year

The edge of a new year is the perfect time to identify what needs your healing attention. Anything in your life or in your body that creates the feeling of imbalance, lack, discomfort, pain etc., is a clue. You can activate your intentions for pro-active solutions rather than the effort of resolutions. Resolutions or deprivation puts you in a tug of war with yourself which creates stress, tension and digs you deeper into the disempowering habits of failure and disappointment.

Often what holds us back from achieving our goals are unconscious habits. We all have deeply ingrained habits that we often fall victim to. How you react throughout your day to people, events or circumstances contributes to your reality. You may not be aware of how destructive some of these habits can be.  For example, jumping into a state of worry when you hear bad news. Worry is one of the most debilitating, unproductive habits. It creates stress and contributes nothing positive to anyone, ever. Overall, stress is the main trigger of unsupportive habits and causes us to make poor choices like over-indulging with food, smoking, drinking, shopping, Facebook, etc. The habit of skipping breakfast may seem harmless, but over time it can keep you stuck with a food or energy problem. The habit of staying up late may be causing you to be tired and less productive. Some unsupportive belief systems can also keep us stuck in patterns, like the habit of not having enough time, money or energy, or the habit of not feeling well, not feeling worthy. Unconscious reactive patterns cause you to make poor choices that keep you frustrated and stuck. 

Awareness will awaken you from unconscious self-sabotaging habitual reactions to move you towards a transformative new year. It is a lifestyle change that will support you to live a more balanced, abundant, joy-full life. 

Are you ready to embody radiant health and greater abundance and joy in all areas of your life?  

As a Wellness & Spiritual Coach, I help my clients identify their self-sabotaging habits. Then I support them to create positive habits and empower them to make supportive lifestyle choices moment-by-moment, day-by-day. Each choice creates a step or a transition. These transitions create a sustainable stairway to experience life-transforming breakthroughs. It is my great privilege to empower them to be the healer of their life and support them with the practice of awareness. Learning how to create a heightened state of awareness is a powerful intention to improve your health and to live a balanced, meaningful, joy-full life.

You can start to practice awareness by physically slowing down how you move and breathe, especially during stressful moments. It is not about giving up doing the things you have to do, but bringing a heightened state of consciousness and presence to what you are doing.  I teach my clients customized stress management techniques and strategies to help them practice presence within the reality of their life. Try taking three deep breaths in a moment of stress. This will enhance your state of awareness. From a more peaceful and mindful place, you can make positive and supportive choices. With each moment of awareness, you experience a transition and each transition is a step that can elevate you towards a lasting transformation to achieve your goals.

Pro-active awareness requires you to slow down and pay attention to how you feel during a task or activity. Being present means focusing on what you are doing at the moment. When you are eating, take the time to taste each bite.  Slow down and chew your food. This will also improve digestion. When you drink a glass of water or are getting dressed or doing the dishes, are you rushing? Observe if you are feeling angry, resentful or thinking about something else you have to do? Slowing down how you move and breathe with allow you to improve your quality of presence and help you disengage with old conditioning and patterns.

 As you allow yourself to be present for all that is unfolding in your life, you can enjoy the moments of joy more deeply - and the healing opportunities become more available to ease your body from the ill effects of resistance and stress. Start your year with intention- join me for a New Year’s Day retreat at JoyFull Yoga. You will receive support to create your vision and intention of awareness for a transformative New Year. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

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