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Your invitation to the 2019 Spring Healing Journey

A unique three-month coaching program you can embark from the comfort of your home.



Is Your Fear of the


blocking the view

of your Future?


I know I Should.... 

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your list of "shoulds" to be healthier and feel happier?

You have good intentions to start but can't seem to find the time. Maybe it's hard for you to justify that it's worth making the time.

You can't ignore your heart's desire to grow and the calling of your SOUL to blossom. You know that the old ways of coping and avoiding are not working, but it's hard to get started, so you keep getting swept back into the loop of old, unsupportive habits.

Are you ready to stop the insanity of doing the same things and expect different results?

Here is an opportunity for you to get the support you need to break out of your old patterns.

This is an invitation to start creating a life that supports your greatest asset - YOU:

Mind ~ Body ~ Heart & Soul 

Fear is a part of LIFE but it doesn't need to be the driver!

Be empowered to claim the driver's seat of your life.

Change can trigger fear, worry and overwhelm that can keep you stuck on the rewind button causing you to live the same scenarios, dramas, disappointments over & over again.

Too much information not enough inspiration!

Your Mind wants to KNOW ~ Your Heart wants to FEEL ~ Your Spirit wants to SOAR!

This Spring Healing journey gives you all of that and more... so you can know, love and BE your authentic-self.

STOP the tug-of-war between your mind and your spirit.

Be empowered to partner with your mind, body, heart and spirit to become the healer of your LIFE.

Spring is a great time to reset your body and spirit.

A seed is driven to overcome the darkness towards the Light to become what it is meant to be.

If your desire to live your life purpose and go beyond the limitations is greater than the fear of staying stuck, it's your time to shine.

GIve yourself the support you deserve to grow into the gift you were born to BE.

The Spring Healing program is a three month journey that includes:

  • 3 - One-on-One phone Coaching Sessions
  • 6 Live Group Coaching sessions (accessible via phone, tablet or computer- with replay; Bi-monthly)
  • Healing Your Self-Worth & Spiritual Nature: Your Personal Healing Journey Through the Chakras (8 weeks of video & audio classes-includes meditations and yoga practices for daily use)
  • Food as Medicine: 3 Video classes full of recipes and lifestyle upgrades that you can easily incorporate into your current lifestyle.
  • Your living space as a source of Joy. Video class on clearing clutter and enhancing your living space.
  • Daily email support .

Every day you will have access to guided meditations, video classes (designed to keep screen time to a minimum) and audio classes, with daily online support and accountability to keep you motivated and committed to the program.

BONUS CLASS: Creating an Empowered Vision Board for health, abundance and JOY: This class will help you fine tuned your vision for your life to fulfill your life purpose and activate your inner magnet to attract the opportunities.

ALL from the comfort of your HOME!!


Registration for the 2019 Spring Healing will close April 30, 2019









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Get the support you need to become the true master of your life


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You will  have access to the 2019 Spring Healing program content beyond the three month period.

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You will  have access to the 2019 Spring Healing program content beyond the three month period.

Start your healing journey NOW

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