• Kabbalah Astrology classes and personal reading

  • 40-Daily Meditations to Embody your Magnificence

  • 3 One-on-one Coaching sessions (special member pricing for additional sessions)

  • Bi-Monthly Group Coaching Sessions

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Kabbalah Astrology for Empowerment

The most powerful tool to create & manifest your dreams is to know yourself.

The day that you were born holds the information to the Master Key of your LIFE.  This series of video classes allows you to discover and strengthen the gifts of your primary & secondary birth planets. You will learn how to navigate your personal solar return chart so you can align with the timing of the Universe for success in all areas of your LIFE.

Through this ancient science we can understand the ebb & flow of our lives. You will learn how to work with the 7 creative planets. This information is a map to help you understand the timing of the Universe so you can take the right action at the right time.  It is also an opportunity to deepen your awareness of your life patterns. This information can transform your life and bring greater happiness and success to endeavors and relationships.

The class also includes a personal reading of your Kabbalah astrology chart. No birth time required.

40-Day Meditation Series to Embody your Magnificence

Create the experience of abundance in all areas of your LIFE.

40 Daily Meditations Designed to: 

Activate your courage to heal & release the past

Clear obstacles & resistance

Activate your ability to access your intuition

Feel at peace in your heart & more fulfilled at the core of your being


Breath work,

Self-healing sounds,

Mantra meditations with mudras,

Guided meditations with daily affirmations.

Individual Coaching and Bi-Monthly Group Coaching and Meditation

The program includes 3 individual coaching sessions with Louise (the 1st one will be you Kabbalah astrology reading) as well as 6 group coaching sessions.

Join Louise live, using a phone or web connection, bi-monthly on Sundays at 8 am PT.  Next Session is July 29th.

During these live sessions Louise addresses challenges that participants may be experiencing. She gives information on the current energetic opportunities and channels inspiring information to help you stay connected to your healing intentions. She has the ability to tap into relevant challenges and gives soul opening inspiration and strategies. You can ask questions and request to be coached on specific issues as well.

You have access to the Replay of each class and to an edited version of the in-class healing meditation. 

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