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Spark offers you monthly support designed to

  • Nurture your peace of heart,
  • Enhance your clarity of mind and
  • Ignite your spirit.

Members from around the globe gather for an inspired live webinar (accessible via web or phone) to help you navigate the current energetic opportunities and learn self-healing techniques, meditation practice, breath-work, healing sounds and more.

Membership includes video replay of class, edited meditation for daily practice with sharing space for accountability and support. 

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Curious souls invited


If you are serious about contributing to world peace, you need to make peace important in your own body and mind. For about .80 cents a day, your Spark membership  makes it easy for you to be inspired and committed to invest in a daily practice.


Member-only live monthly coaching class & guided meditation will encourage you to go deeper into your practice of meeting yourself everyday. Each class includes a live Q & A for you to receive personal guidance for your current challenge or concern.


You aren't left to navigate this on your own. You'll be connected with like-minded souls on a journey of self-discorvery in alignment with your authentic-self.

Spark Monthly Membership... meets you where you are.


Get the tools you need to align with your higher truth.
Monthly inspiration filled with Love & Light.
Tangible tools to support you on your journey to your authentic-self.
Create the LIFE you were born to live.

$25/month. An investment in you.

- Join Louise live for a monthly members only inspirational class accessible via web or phone.
(Replay available to listen and stay inspired.)
- Access to guided meditations, including breath techniques and healing sounds to support you
while making the most of each month's energetic opportunities. Perfect for your daily practice.

- Daily check-in opportunity for accountability and support.

- Live Q&A: 
Ask your burning questions and find clarity.

- Member only discounts on other programs and offerings.

Invest in your joy, now

Need more support?

Work with Louise

A number of online courses and private sessions are available to help inspire your journey.

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Discover programs created to guide you from where you are... to where you want to go.

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