Working with Louise

Summmer Transformation 3-Month Coaching Program- Click HERE for more details

How to Create a Sustainable Daily Practice

A daily spiritual practice is essential to create more balance in your day and your life. It is as essential to ...

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Private Session with Louise

Louise is a modern-day mystic deeply connected to the vibration of the Divine.  She offers you unconditional, co...

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Healing your Spiritual Nature & Self-Worth Through the Chakra

Heal your BODY MIND & SPIRIT - HEAL your LIFE! This online program is designed to take you through an experienti...

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Living by Design NOT Default: Living the Quality of LIFE supports your Higher Good

Living by Design NOT Default is a 3 part class series that takes you into the experience of creating the Blueprint of...

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Activation Meditation to Heal the Past & Open to Receive

We are now in a pre-Solar eclipse time. We can experience powerful energies that urge us to let go of the past and al...

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Kabbalah Astrology For Self Empowerment

Kabbalah Astrology can help you achieve your potential, as you learn more about yourself. It offers helpful tips on h...

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Yoga on the Go webinar series & E-book

YOGA on the GO™ is designed to help you in your daily life with powerful, quick and easy techniques and strateg...

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JoyFull Living Master Group

After completing the full Foundation 4 your Life program, you can join our JoyFull Living Master Group. Here you...

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