Developing a Sustainable Daily Spiritual Practice

A daily spiritual practice is essential to create more balance in your day and your life. It is as essential to your well-being as the sun rising is for the survival of our planet!

Making time to meet yourself every day to let the sun rise in your own heart is one of the greatest acts of self-love you can do. It is also is an effective way to lower stress, enhance productivity and improve your quality of life in all areas of your journey. It is a beautiful way to be part of the solution for us to live in a more peaceful world.

It is a powerful action to reclaim your power and begin to build a foundation to meet events of your day with compassion and embrace the healing opportunities to healing and clear what is not serving your higher good.

Your spiritual practice builds your spiritual muscles that support you through the challenging times and attract the opportunities and resources to experience more joy in your everyday life. 

Do all the classes on your own time - using a computer, tablet or smartphone.

This program includes:

  •  Videos of a 3 part webinar series
  • Guided Daily Practice including breathing, sound current and guided meditation 
  •  A downloadable audio version of the Daily Practice for on the go support
  •  A video of a JoyFull-Chi Balancing Sun Salutation practice

Bonus Class: Success with Your Daily Practice Mini-Course

Limited Time Bonus: 30 minute phone session with Louise. 




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