Self-Mastery and Empowerment Activation Program

The Best Way To Bridge the Gap between Your Dreams and Your Reality Is to Identify and Overcome What Keeps You Stuck

Leave behind overwhelm and struggle, and move to clarity, ease, and certainty. Reignite the gifts you were born with and get to the core of what keeps you stuck. You can heal the gap from hoping it’ll all work out; to knowing that solutions are not only possible but inevitable.

Do you ever wonder why you are here? Do you ever feel lost, empty and unfulfilled? 

Do you feel guilty about wanting more out of life? 

The never-ending time and effort you put into your health, career, family, and relationships leave you feeling empty, unmotivated, and exhausted. You feel like you are on a hamster wheel, running as fast you can, but getting nowhere.

Many of us have been to a place of despair and overwhelm where a clear path forward doesn’t seem possible. You yearn for things to change but you can’t move into a new story, because you are stuck reliving your old ones.

Disappointment and doubt cloud your vision of the future, but you know, there’s more to life than just keeping up.

You are not alone. 

What if you had a roadmap that leads you on a purposeful and empowering path and a personal guide who provides you with support and clarity? You are led to uncover secrets about your inner self so you can embrace your true-self and reclaim the power of your destiny.

Your guide and personal roadmap take you on a journey where you can design your life around your most energetic, auspicious, lucky, and productive time periods each year. 

Understanding yourself will lead you to enhance your strength, overcome challenges, and claim the power of your authentic self.

You can live true to your soul’s purpose and flow in harmony with the timing and power of the universe to support you.

This roadmap which leads you to achieve a truly happy and fulfilled outcome in life... exists.

The ancient science of Kabbalah Astrology reveals the master keys to your soul’s purpose. It gives you profound insights and clarity to help you understand and support your authentic self in life’s journey.

Knowing the seven phases that impact you and your life each year will help you have more clarity to achieve better results with less effort.

If you had the chance to know the perfect time to initiate important events, contracts, relationships, and conversations and get the best results, wouldn’t you take it?  

An inspired path forward is possible. 

Start creating the foundation for the LIFE you were born to live and discover how a short two-month self-empowering journey will guide you to heal, thrive, and restore the joy of being YOU!

Kabbalah Astrology is a measurable tool you can use to set a path for success year after year. Understanding it can change your life and bring you greater happiness. You will find ease in navigating your relationships and accomplishing your endeavors.

Your birth chart is a part of you defined by the ancient science of Kabbalah Astrology and contains your Master Keys. When you discover how to use your Master Keys you will be able to unlock where your authentic power lies. 

You will gain clarity and insight on how to alleviate struggles and align more authentically with your gifts and... live true to your Purpose.

On the Self Mastery and Empowerment Activation journey, you can choose your level of support provided by Louise—your personal guide and mentor in your newfound path. She will help you to begin your new story with more meaning, balance, and joy. 

Choose the Solo Experience if you feel you only need to be pointed in the right direction toward greater fulfillment.

If you want more direction and guidance, choose the Ultimate Individual Support For Total Life Transformation.

If you are looking for self-mastery and empowerment for your personal and professional life, choose the Mastery option. This is an insightful and powerful option for therapists and business owners who are looking to get an edge. 

The three levels of support are outlined below. 

What's Included in this supportive two-month Solo Experience ($597):

  • Kabbalah Astrology Reading: During a 90-minute private session with Louise, you will take a deep dive into discovering the gifts you are born to express and how to use them to alleviate your current challenges. Louise will show you how this applies to your life right now and help you map out your intentions for the year 2021 and beyond. You will also be shown how to apply this information to other people in your life to enhance your relationships. 
  • Custom Kabbalistic Roadmap: Get your personal auspicious roadmap and timing so you can take the right actions at the right time successfully, year after year. Louise will show you exactly how to integrate your life's blueprint within the reality of your busy life for success in your health, wellness, and financial goals.  
  • Video Modules: You will have access to video modules you can reference as needed. They will guide you to learn each of the seven creative planets' unique advantages and how to apply that knowledge to your unique kabbalistic blueprint effectively, month after month.  
  • Affirmation Audio Downloads: For each of the seven periods planned on your kabbalistic blueprint, you will be provided with guided affirmation meditations to help positively support each aspect of your journey. 
  • Planner: A special planner will be given to you to help you stay organized, stress-free, and keep the details of course altogether in one place.

  • Do-Do Rescue: From Overwhelmed to Thriving: This book written by Louise will teach you to escape the overwhelming hum-drum of everyday life and to create a path where you can thrive. 
  • Showing up for YOURSELF mind and heart-set class: Get lasting results with your health goals by putting a stop to the "Shoulds" and crushing your inner bully. This class will focus on overcoming the challenge of making time to cultivate more balance with less guilt. You will be shown how to find more joy to sustain better results within the reality of your busy life.

  • Special Bonus: Three-Month Membership to Ultimate Spark Yoga: Practice showing up for yourself! These sessions brought to you by JoyFull Yoga will provide you with self-care essentials. You may choose from a selection of on-demand session time lengths—from three minutes up to 1-hour classes. Each session invites you to experience unconditional self-love and profound healing for your mind, body, heart, and soul. With each practice, you will improve your well-being, achieve and sustain greater success, and transform your career and personal life. 
  • Bi-monthly Moon-Sound Healing Meditations: These inspirational meditating sessions are designed to elevate your vibration from the core. The sessions will help you to restore balance and harmony to support your total well-being: Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul. Each class is released around the New and Full Moon each month. If you need a replay of these healing meditations, they will be available to you.

  • 2 Live Healing Sessions: You will have access to healing sessions that are packed with inspiring energy, and have a chance to ask any questions during the Live Q & A. These powerful and informative sessions will be held on the first Saturday of each month. Replays of the sessions are available to you if needed.

What’s included in the two-month Ultimate Individual Support For Total Life Transformation course ($997): 

  • Email Support: Two months of ongoing email support from Louise who will help with any questions or concerns you may have. Or if you just need a little encouragement for the day, she’s here to help!

  • Personal Master Key Reading: One 60-minute session with a deep dive into your life story and getting your birth masterkeys to support your Soul Purpose. We will activate your inspired path to manifest your dreams and goals with actionable strategies. The session also includes a Kabbalah astrology chart reading.

  • Three 60-minute Additional Sessions:  You will be given more clarity with 3 more sessions with Louise. Session one will help you identify and clear your roadblocks. Session two will help you fine-tune your personal roadmap. Session three will help show you how to integrate the information into your everyday life (must be scheduled within the two-month program).

  • You get all this plus all the items in the Solo Experience!


What’s included in the three-month Mastery option, ideal for coaches, therapists, and business owners, but equally amazing for personal growth ($1,997):

  • Email Support: 3 months ongoing email support. Have questions about how to help your clients? Louise can help answer them. You don’t have to navigate your professional life alone!

  • Personal and Business Kabbalah Roadmap: Louise will show you how to use your kabbalah roadmap to get better results with clients and business goals.

  • Kabbalistic Chart Calculation for Clients:  Learn how to understand, impact and serve your clients better by being able to assist them with their own kabbalistic chart. This is ideal for coaches and therapists.

  • Four Additional 60-minute Sessions: With four additional sessions one-on-one with Louise you are sure to blast through roadblocks, create an absolutely accurate and well-defined roadmap, and learn how to integrate the information to get outstanding life results (must be scheduled within the three-month program). 
  • You get all this plus all the items in the Solo Experience!


Program Details: 

Time commitment: This is a self-paced program. Take your time in understanding how to align yourself with a future of your design. The content will be released weekly and you will have ongoing access to the course content after the two-month period ends.

The Schedule of the Live classes will be posted in advance. Replay access will be available shortly after, so you don’t miss anything!

You may choose to break the cost of the coaching course into two monthly payments. To choose one payment click the offer on the right.

If you are experiencing financial hardship, you can apply for a partial scholarship HERE! 

The truth is, there are many external circumstances you can’t change. You can’t change the time and date you were born, what happens around you, or the time you exist in. 

But what you can change, makes all the difference! 

You can change how you feel within your reality, you can change how you meet and cope with challenges, and you can change your outcome. 

Live by design, not by default. 

Reclaim your authentic power. 

Create what you desire.

The time to redesign your life outcome is now

To get started submit your application to the Self-Mastery program so I can get to know you better. After you submit your application we will have a call to talk further about the program and your individual goals. I look forward to supporting you. 

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