New Year's Day Retreat 2018

Embodying the Change We Want to Experience.

The first day of the year is a doorway to new possibilities, and it is a powerful time for you to align with what you want to experience in the year to come. 

This New Year's day of 2018 falls on a full moon.  With this special energy, make time to bring in clear & healing intention and ignite your commitment to supportive habits for the New Year. 

Let go and release any energies & stories that do not serve your Higher Good of expansion and joy entering the New Year

Opening up to the Divine- to live in the Flow of
Abundance, Radiant Health, Peace, and Joy

Claiming this retreat day for yourself will give you space and support to align your intentions with your Higher Good and the Higher Good of ALL. 

This day will inspire and empower you to bring deeper meaning in your journey to clear and heal the old stories and belief systems that do not support your experience of balance, joy, and prosperity in all areas of your LIFE.

The day will include JoyFull Yoga practices including Yoga to Love and Heal your gut, self-healing meditations, and breath work, Deep Sound Healing bath, guided exercises to access your profound inner wisdom. 

$149 Includes new year's eve teleclass, the retreat day at JoyFull Yoga Wellness Center; lunch and refreshments and

SPECIAL BONUSES- Immediate access to the online programs:    

* Living By Design Not Default

* Yoga on THE Go ebook and 3 part webinar



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