Kabbalah Astrology for Self-Mastery and Empowerment

Ever wished you had the owner's manual to understand yourself and why you are here?

It's time to embrace your true-self and reclaim the power of your destiny so that you can design your life around your most auspicious, energetic, and productive time periods each year to achieve better results with less effort and live true to your soul purpose.

The ancient science of Kabbalah Astrology reveals the master keys to your soul purpose and gives you profound insights and clarity to understand and support your authentic self on your life journey.

What if you knew the perfect time to initiate important events, contracts, conversations to get the best long term results?  

Start creating the foundation to the LIFE you were born to live. 

What's Included in this supportive two-month coaching program:

  • Kabbalah Astrology reading: A private session with Louise. A deep dive into discovering the gifts you're born to express and how to alleviate the challenges. Louise will tune into how this applies to your life right now and help you map out your intentions for the year 2021 and beyond. You will also know how to apply this information to other people in your life to enhance your relationships.
  • Your custom kabbalistic roadmap: Get your personal auspicious timing so you can take the right actions at the right time, year after year. Louise will show you exactly how to integrate your life's blueprint within the reality of your busy life for success in your health, wellness, and financial goals. 
  • Video Modules you can reference back for each of the 7 creative planets' unique advantages and how to apply that knowledge to your unique kabbalistic blueprint month after month. 
  • Downloadable audio of affirmation meditations to support positive aspects for each of the 7 periods.
  • A special planner so you can bring it all together in one place.
  • Copy of Louise's Book Do-Do Rescue: From Overwhelmed to Thriving
  • Special bonus class on how to integrate the information in the book including the 3 Essential Self-Care Rituals to improve your well-being and transform your LIFE. 
  • The power of Showing up for Yourself: Get lasting results with your health goals by putting a stop to the "Shoulds" and stop your inner bully. This class will focus on overcoming the challenge of making time to cultivate more balance with less guilt and more joy so that you can sustain better results within the reality of your busy life.
  • 2-month Inspired Moon  Sound Healing Meditations. Each session is designed to elevate your vibration from the core of your being to restore balance & harmony to support your total well being. (Each class is released around the New & Full Moon each month - replays available) 
  • 2 Live Inspirational Energy Healing Sessions with Q & A on the first Saturday of each month (replays available.)

Reclaim Your Authentic Power
Power is having access to your gifts, strengths, and talents, without blockage -

Power is having the ability to move beyond resistance and limitation and

Power is the ability to create what you desire.

Program Details:
Time commitment: this is a self-paced program, the content will be released weekly and you will have ongoing access to the content after the 2 month period.
The Schedule of the Live classes will be posted in advance, and replay access will be available shortly after. If you register by Jan 27 you will get early access to include the Full Moon Sound Healing Meditation class.

Investment: $597  
Click the offer on the right to choose a single payment or break it into 2 monthly payments. 
(if you are experiencing financial hardship, you can apply for a partial scholarship HERE)

Kabbalah Astrology for Empowerment can transform your life and bring greater happiness and success to your endeavors and relationships. 
Self-Knowlege is where your authentic power lies. Your birth Master Keys will give clarity and insight on how you can alleviate the struggles as you learn how to align more authentically with your gifts and live true to your Purpose.
Stop living by default and start designing your life around your most auspicious, energetic, and productive time periods each year, to achieve better results with less effort and live true to your purpose.


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