Wake UP - Show UP - Rise UP

A LIFE of Balance, Abundance & Joy is a choice we make!

Every day that we WAKE UP 

We can choose to SHOW UP

and in that moment we RISE UP beyond the limits  - 

We are a prayer in motion - We wake up - show up and rise up to the opportunity to be part of the solution.

As we commit to creating inner peace, we are contributing to world PEACE.

Choosing to be part of the Solution is a daily practice of meeting yourself beyond the "shoulds" and making choices that move you forward on your journey.

A daily act of showing up nurtures your WHOLE-SELF and the whole world.

Are you ready to Heal & Thrive in 2018?

Release the shoulds - Choose to be part of the solution!

Every time you "should" yourself into a healthy choice, you are triggering the pain of shame. It might get you to do it once or twice but it keeps you in a tug-of-war within yourself - and sooner or later you lose your momentum and give up - "What's the point - I never stick to anything anyway..."

If you are ready to free yourself and heal the old stories of lack, struggle and shame, I want to support you and empower you to achieve your goals and embody the gift that you are here to BE.

Invest 20 minutes a day to reclaim your power, your self-worth, and radiance.

SPECIAL New Year offer for you!

Option 1: 

Empowered 2-month Coaching package- Ready to Heal and Be Supported

  • New 40-Day Meditation - To Transform and Heal your Whole-Self.

New 40-DAY Three part guided practice - Healing your WHOLE SELF - to embody your Radiance & Unlimited Potential - Designed to support you to ease the pull of the undertow of fear & doubt. Release the chains of struggle, shame, and blame.

It's time for you to create without the undertow of fear & doubt. Let go of the chains of the addiction to struggle. Includes 40 daily meditations and affirmations to nurture your relationship with the Divine and create Balance, Radiant Health, Abundance & Joy in every part of your LIFE.

This 20 to 25 minute practice will propel you forward to soar into the life you were born to live now.


  • 4 Bi-Monthly Live Coaching Sessions that include a healing activation Meditation (2-month access with special option to continue).
  • Developing a Sustainable Personal Daily practice. 3-part Webinar to support you in creating your ability to meet yourself every day. This class includes additional guided meditation and video of JoyFull Balancing Chi-Salutation.
  • Private Coaching Session with Louise to address your own personal needs and challenges in creating a daily practice. Special discount on additional private sessions as needed during the 2-month period.

ALL from the comfort of your HOME.

This is a powerful combo to assist you to  Become the Healer of your LIFE.

Values: $500 - 2 monthly payments of $97

Option 2: DYI  New 40-Day Meditation - To Transform and Heal your Whole-Self.

Do It Yourself option gives you access to the new 40-DAY guided practice - Healing your WHOLE SELF - as described above with Limited email support.

One payment of $97



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