JoyFull Living Master Group

After completing the Core Foundation 4 Your Life Programs, you will be invited to join The Foundation 4 Your Life Master Group.
By joining The Masters Group you will receive ongoing tools to allow you to grow and strengthen your core foundations.

Benefits - 

  • Full access to the Spark and Inspired Moon Meditations Memberships.

  • Accessibility to the Master Group Meditations Library with techniques and meditations to enhance your daily practice.

  • Continuous email support from Louise.

  • Pre-Invitations to all programs and series prior to them being offered to Louise's entire Community. This allows you to sign up before they sellout.

  • Priority scheduling and discounted rates on private sessions booked with Louise.


Many members have returned to the foundation classes over and over and learned more and more about themselves. 

"I was amazed at how much I healed in my life after the first go around of the program but it after continuing with the Master group it all became so much more real for me. I can go into the portal and do class as things show up in my life. In my 2nd go around I realized I had skipped some part that I wasn't ready for and now I feel like I'm hearing for the first time. This is an ongoing journey. I am so grateful for the support. I don't need to spend my energy in the drama part. I am the happiest I ever been in my life. Thank you."





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