Virtual Drop In Pass - Inspired Sound Healing Moon Meditations

Reset your mind to calm,
Rejuvenate your nervous system,
Embody the Light of your Spirit.

Get 28-Day access to the current monthly Sound Healing and join us from the comfort of your home via computer, tablet, or smartphone!

These special self-healing meditation classes restore balance and harmony within your emotional and physical body, ease tension, and clear negativity. Each meditation is a supportive opportunity for you to connect more deeply with Divine Source energy and your infinite self.

Each class includes Channeled Guided Meditations, Breathwork & Self-Healing Sounds as well as; Gemstone Signing Bowls, Symphonique Gong, and Tibetan bowls that impact the immune, endocrine & neuropeptide systems & balance the sympathetic & parasympathetic nervous system  

New class each month - Released at the New Moon



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