All Inclusive Journey to Build your Foundation 4 your LIFE

There is a lot of energetic shift in store for us in the coming months

I want to help you get the support you need so you can  

Experience your Highest Potential and

Most Fulfilling Life Experience.

Are you ready to make real - lasting changes in your life and be part of the solution to healing yourself and your LIFE?

 NOW more than ever, it’s time for you to create more balance between your physical and spiritual well-being. It is time to create a more harmonious, joy-full life experience.

 Practicing meeting yourself with compassion moment by moment- every day is not easy- it requires you to clear unsupportive habits like worry- fear- busy-ness- and not having time for self-care.

Be supported to practice self-love and establish new supportive habits as you heal and set yourself free from the old habitual struggle.

Foundation 4 your LIFE.

Access a compilation of the best transformational programs I have offered over the past 20 years that you can access from the comfort of your home or office.

If you keep doing what you have always done, there will be nothing new about this year.

5-month online Coaching Program to guide & support you!

Build the Foundation you need to create lasting results with your Relationships, Health goals, and Abundance in all areas of your life!

With Love, Inspiration, Fear-less, & Empowered actions.


Live the quality of LIFE your heart & soul desires!

Live in Spiritual Harmony with your Soul Truth!

In this 5 month journey, each participant receives ongoing support & inspiration.

Louise Lavergne offers you weekly guided meditations, bi-monthly live coaching calls and meditation class and a Kabbalah astrology reading.

12 weeks of video and audio classes, downloadable PDFs, email suport, priority and discounted rates for private sessions along the way.

  • Taming the Inner Dragon:
    • Developing a personal practice
    • JoyFull Chi Balancing Salutation
    • Awakening
  • The Gift of YOU
    • Your Kabbalah Birth planets
    • You are NOT your Emotions
  • Living Inspired & Empowered
    • Supportive Intentions
    • Empowering Rituals in your day to day life
  • Healing your Spiritual Nature & Self-worth through the chakras: 8 weeks of classes including meditations, yoga, food and more to heal the stories at a deep physical, emotional and spiritual level.
  • Kabbalah astrology in everyday living: Manifesting & Living in the Flow and learning your unique Timing of the Universe. You will learn how to use Kabbalah Astrology in everyday life to enhance your life, relationships, money, and spirituality.


  • YOGA on the GO: 3 webinar videos
  • Yoga on the GO e-book
  • Interview with Dr. Prachi Garodia, a board, certified physician in Western and Ayurvedic medicine. She offers us 3 Ayurvedic self-healing practices to help with digestion, elimination, and circulation.
  • An interview with a Medical Nutrition Therapy Practitioner & Registered Dietitian (and a JoyFull Living Master Group member) Julie Kokinakes, on Feeding Our Body and Soul.
  • Interview with DR Robin Miller- what you need to create & maintain Radiant health
  • Bine in the Flow of Abundance and radiant health.

"I feel so grateful for the help that Foundation 4 L.I.F.E. has given me in establishing my own meditation practice and giving me the tools and support to stay connected!! I have learned so much about myself with the Kabbalah astrology reading, the chakras, and deepened my connection to my higher self.The meditations and exercises, as well as the coaching calls, have really helped me stay on track."

"The course has been life-altering, enhancing the quality of my existence from now on. You have been inspired to put remarkable energy, knowledge, and spirit of this course. What a gift. Thank you!…. I feel that I have a framework and the tools for letting go of the old stories and moving into the nourishing light of now, forgiving and releasing (How helpful your many repetitions of this message have been!). I'm able to catch myself before sinking into the destructive pit of recall. And breathing into angst has become almost automatic, a blessed relief."

“… I was feeling very overwhelmed with my life; a perpetual feeling of insufficient time to get it all done. Now, just 12 weeks later, my life is feeling balanced and complete thanks to the very simple techniques and teachings. Louise has a unique gift for helping others navigate this journey we call life." CH

Question: How much time do I need to invest?

This class is design to support you develop a 15- 20 minute daily practice to meet yourself daily. beyond that there are videos and audio classes available every week that you can do in your own time. (total of 1 to 2 hours of content. per week)

The classes are designed to take you through a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. By identifying the challenges and the vision of your best life I help you clear the disempowering beliefs, and get clear about what you do want to bring into your life.

You will do a one on one Kabbalah astrology session with me where we can also fine tune your tools for your success at making the changes that support you and your higher good.

Then I take you on a healing journey through the chakras- the physical point in your body that hold the key to unlocking all of your gifts and self-worth.

Each class supports you with guided meditations, yoga practices, JoyFull Chi balancing salutations, PDF guides as well as email support and community support in the portal. 

The live coaching teleclasses are every other Sunday 8 am PT - this is where you get to be with me and the other members of the JoyFull Living Community of both the Master and Foundation group. I give you information about the current energetic opportunities and give you supportive strategies and techniques to navigate with more ease... I also take you through a guided mediation practice. You have access to the replay and the edited meditation for you to download and use as often as you want.

When are you offering it again?

JULY 2017 DOORS are open NOW!! email us to discuss if this is the right program for you. 

If you keep doing what you always have, the frustration of not creating the change you want will get heavier for you as March approaches with eclipses and other energetic waves of energy to help you go deeper within your soul self.

Have you noticed how it’s much harder to fall back into old habitual non-supportive patterns? This is partly the effect of the planet Jupiter, currently, retrograde until May 9th. Jupiter stirs our search for wisdom and spiritual expansion. 

It takes 90 days for us to integrate and own the benefits of new supportive habits to support our self-healing journey to LIFE:

Love, Inspiration, Freedom, Empowerment

Practicing meeting yourself with compassion every day is a discipline that can set you free from the old habitual struggle.

Balance your life, strengthen the unconditional love in your heart and open up to live in the Flow of your Joy prosperity in all areas of your life.


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